What are the dates?
June 26th to July 19th with a camera test and tech scout prior to the 26th.
We are shooting from Sunday to Thursday with Fridays and Saturdays being off days.
What is the movie about?
You can read a small blurb about the film here (https://unspokenthefilm.com/). I am happy to share a script for anyone interested as well!
What are the rates?
Due to the low-budget scenario, it is equivalent to a tier 0 in terms of rates. Key Rates are around 275/12. Current tier 0 union rates are 260/12 for Keys for comparison. I know this is not ideal at all.
Is it a union shoot?
It is a non-union shoot. It will be run through payroll so if you need a chunk of days for the contract services roster it will be helpful for those of you trying to do 600 roster placement. I will make sure production facilities all paperwork to make sure the days you work count.
What is the budget?
Under 500k
What is the page count on the script?
The script is about 90 pages or so. This will average out to around 5 pages a day. There are some slightly heavier days and some lighter days.
What is the manpower (personpower) situation?
The current standard for the schedule is:
- Gaffer/CLT + BBE/ACLT
-Key Grip + BBG
- 1st AC + 2nd AC/Loader
There are a few small night exteriors that we have extra man-days to accommodate. 
There are possibly one or two days of gimbal/Steadicam.
Who is the director?
The writer/director is Jeremy Borison. He is a first time feature director and writer of the script. You can read more about him on the Unspoken film page - https://unspokenthefilm.com/the-film
Who are the producers?
Yichen Ma and Nico Blanco are the UPM/Physical producers of the movie. There are a few other players involved but those two are the point people the crew will be interesting with.
Where is it shooting?
In and around Los Angeles. So far everything is inside of the Thirty Mile Zone.
What is the breakdown of the shooting schedule?
We are at a house for about a third of the movie and at the school for nearly a quarter. The rest is a mix.
The bulk of the shooting schedule is your normal 7am or so call time. There might be one or two overnights TBD.
Where are we shooting?
The main locations are a house, a school, a synagogue and then a few other small one-off locations like a library, small car scene and a nursing home.
What is the camera package?
Right now, the plan is to use an Alexa mini package with a set of primes along with the typical wireless teradek/fiz package.
What is the GE Package?
I am planning on it being a 3 ton combo truck situation. There isn't a ton of speciality rigging needed I don't think. There is one day with a few driving shots that might require some hard mounts on car. There also might be some poor mans process.